Getting Connected as God Planned

pieces-of-the-puzzle-592798_1920Envision for a moment the scrambled pieces of humanity.  It’s as if God dumped a box of puzzle pieces from a super huge jigsaw puzzle on the table in front of us.  It can be overwhelming to view this stack of unconnected pieces, but each of us play a very significant part in this puzzle, God’s plan for humanity.

God’s plan is good and pure and beautiful, but He has chosen not to reveal the whole picture on the top of the box. We don’t know the whole story and it’s not our responsibility to make it all fit together. God is in charge and reveals connections to us according to His will.  However, he has given us a game plan, the Bible, that He intends for us to study.  It shows us the way to His good and perfect will.  Read the directions first.

He has even offered us a helpline to call. It’s called prayer.  He expects us to reach out to Him for help and guidance and reassurance as we move through the puzzle of life.  Remember God intends all to be a fitting piece in His puzzle plan of life.

Sometimes puzzle pieces jump off the table or become lost.  He is always seeking to find the lost and return them to His planned picture of life.  Scripture reveals to us His yearning heart for all people.

You have been created as a piece in God’s puzzle of humanity.  Yes, He has fearfully and wonderfully made you in His image.  He formed you in your mother’s womb.  He tailored and sculptured you with oddities and differences and talents.  He loves you just as you are!  He gave you purpose for living and being that are revealed by Him.  Just ask and He will unveil where you fit and how important you are to Him.  You are part of His plan. All those rough edges don’t matter. He smooths them. It’s His plan that you are not the same as anyone else.  He’s got a place for you. You are created to fit as an integral part of God’s infinite plan for mankind.  To Him be the glory!

You are but one piece of God’s puzzle.  Alone and without connection to the rest of God’s people you don’t have as much significance.  In fact, you are disconnected from God’s plan for you to fit.  Yes, fit!

So, that’s your role in the body of Christ. Just fit. Find your place.  Connect.  You must actively seek your connection in the body. You may feel alone, but God will guide you to your connections if you seek His help.  We were designed for connection.  If the piece fits connect it.

Oh, I know sometimes it seems like there’s just not a place for us.  I assure you God has just the place for you in His plan.  It’s amazing how we often just wander in search of our fit. We resist fitting in and that is humanness.  Sometimes it looks like our connecting piece, but it’s not.  Some connections are obviously not a fit for us. You aren’t meant to fit everywhere.  There’s a place for you.

You see, we are nothing alone, but as we become connected to the body of Christ we develop strength and purpose.  Look at a puzzle piece. Is there just one connection. No, there is a way to connect on each side.  Connect with other believers.  Become unified in the body of Christ.

I know you observed that connections are different.  Some go into you and some you go into the other piece.  You don’t often find pieces that have only one way of connecting.  That’s because the Christian life is one of giving and receiving.  And isn’t that fortifying?

Someone is thinking, “What about the edge pieces?”  I happen to think of the edge pieces of God’s puzzle as the wise individuals who keep the church in bounds. They protect inner pieces from assault and invasion by attacks not from God.  They shore up and strengthen boundaries of the Christian faith and God’s Word.  Yes, these are those blessed individuals God has called to preach and teach, to guide and direct, to guard and protect the Word of God and its people.  We thank God for those who are called to the role of minister, leader, deacon, and any other role that upholds the glory of God.

Well, I could ramble on and on giving you a picturesque way of seeing yourself as part of God’s plan and puzzle.  However, I pray you are blessed to have explored this with me.  I pray that you see God’s plan for you as an individual creation of God.  I pray that you see the importance of finding connection with other people in our Christian walk.  I pray that you avoid wandering and resistance.  I pray that you seek guidance from God.  I pray that you enjoy the journey.  And, I look forward to the day our God reveals the whole picture of his plan to us and celebrating with you before His throne.

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