KayGrayProfile                               Who am I?  

That’s a good question.  I am Kay Gray, child of the one true God. At this time in my life I am really enjoying my best friend, Jesus.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know him, but in reflection His will has become increasingly the focus of my attention. My hope is to share with you in my blog some of the many lessons I’m learning to walk in step with God at His direction.

The rest of my life has been busy, too.  In 2012, I started my second retirement after selling my boutique and moving into town from my country home.  I’m a widow after forty years of marriage and my husband and I raised two sons. We moved from the Rio Grande Valley to the Austin area in 1994. For thirty-five years, I was a teacher with most of my career spent in reading and special needs. You can get to know me better in my new book as it is my story as well as the story of Oak Ridge Ministry.  Mama Kay is the name I am fondly called by the disciples of Oak Ridge.  Joshua Harris was the first to call me that when I shared my story about a mother’s heart.

What’s new with Mama Kay

If you aren’t moving forward and learning new things, you aren’t living.  I’m doing a lot of new learning at this juncture of life. This year I completed a two year journey writing a book that God placed on my heart.  Finders Keepers Losers Winners has just been published.  Now I discover that I need a website, and an email audience, and a blog. My learning curve has been stretched to maximum. Be patient as we get acquainted during this learning phase.  Then, as if that won’t keep me busy, I’m delivering press releases, setting up speaking engagements and book signing events, and selling books.

I hope you will subscribe to my website so we can get better acquainted.