I Come to the Garden Alone


I come to the garden, my own garden, alone,but I’m not alone when I get there. My own backyard is my place of respite and it is the place I retreat to when I need to be alone with God. Beneath the broad expanse of soft blue skies, I crawl into my gravity recliner and gaze heavenward. The sky is always changing like an unseen artist keeps rolling out a scroll of beauty.  He is always there in that quiet time awaiting my invitation to commune.  Even when the day is uncomfortably hot outside my fence, it seems cooler in my yard.  The leaves on the massive Bradford Pear waft gently over the recliner. Oak trees yield a blanket of cool shade spreading broadly out over the entire yard.  Rich green carpet grass is graced by ferns and other blooming plants. It’s a great place to pause and pray and meditate. God and I have many deep conversations there.


God is always near but He yearns for a deeper relationship with each of us.  He’s my best friend and He accepts me just as I am.  I like to borrow the saying, “He loves me in spite of myself ” because that seems to describe my feelings best. He is always there to walk beside me and provide me comfort or counsel through His Word.It’s taken many years and a patient loving God to get me to this point in my life. I finally understood a relationship God desires as I delved headfirst into a study of CAPTIVATING by Stasi and John Eldredge. If the whole world and everyone in it fail me, it doesn’t matter. God is always there. My job is to yield my complete heart to Jesus, my Savior.


This is my personal invitation to join me in the garden for contemplative pondering from my heart. Her I will share thoughts to carefully consider about God’s relationship with each of us.  In the meantime, select your own special place to commune with God. Please subscribe to mamakaygray.com and share your comments.

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